About Ashton Cigar Bar


200 Cigars.  400 Whiskeys.  600 Spirits.  Specialty Craft Cocktails.

In 2013 Ashton proudly unveiled the new gold standard in cigar bars and lounges.  Ashton Cigar Bar is the ultimate celebration of the Ashton brand, located in the heart of Philadelphia’s Center City district.  Ashton Cigar Bar is a sanctuary for lovers of fine cigars and spirits.  An elegant and contemporary design embraces the warm, comfortable atmosphere.  Offering a world-class selection of 200 premium cigars, 400 whiskeys and 600 total spirits, Ashton Cigar Bar is home to the largest whiskey collection in the State of Pennsylvania.  In addition to whiskey and cigars, Ashton Cigar Bar features a remarkable menu of craft cocktails.  Our specialty cocktail selection showcases famous classic cocktails, as well as a number of signature creations developed by our seasoned experts.  All of our cocktails are carefully crafted and perfectly poured, combining fresh local ingredients with the finest of spirits.  The perfect setting to enjoy a drink and a fine cigar, Ashton Cigar Bar is an oasis for indulgence in life’s pleasures.  Our friendly, knowledgeable staff and custom-engineered air purification system guarantee your experience will reflect the utmost in service, relaxation and accommodation.  The next time you’re in Philadelphia, visit Ashton Cigar Bar and experience pleasure beyond expectation!

World's Finest Cigar Bar
1522 Walnut Street, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA

For more information visit www.ashtoncigarbar.com

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